It is stunning quality and creatively designed
Mel & Michael Fady


For some albums less is more, others deserve all the trimmings.
With 20 years experience, we will make it fun and easy to customise your album, and truly make it one your children and grandchildren (and beyond) will cherish.

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  • Cover Insert Photographs

    Create a mood and impression before the album is even opened. An emotive cover that begins the storytelling journey.

  • Two-Tone Cover Stripe

    A subtle way to introduce more style and depth to your album. Cover stripes are made of genuine leather, or one of our gorgeous book cloths.

  • Image Embossing - Spine and Cover

    Family crests, special logos, or any other special artwork you may want, can be custom-embossed into the cover or the spine. The emboss is created with a custom-made metal die, which also makes for a perfect memento.

  • Real Photographic Prints (not inkjet)

    Your album is printed using traditional, chemically developed, photographic prints. This provides superior archival life, as well as more vivid and accurate colours than other methods, All pages are clear coated for protection from sticky fingers and light spills. No gloves needed!

  • Foil Text - Cover

    Of course, your album can feature text on your album cover. This text is beautifully presented in foils of your choice, including gold and silver.

  • Rice End Paper

    Every album features Rice Paper that finishes the inside of the front and back covers. This paper provides a beautiful, understated texture and depth. We also offer a range of other papers - but we are most excited to offer a completely personalised choice. If you have paper of your own, this may be used instead! Your imagination is the limit.

  • Foil Text - Spine

    Help your album stand out on your bookshelf with a custom spine.

  • Slipcase

    A beautful way to present and protect your heirloom is with a custom-made slipcase. These feature matching genuine leather of your album, and are made to fit perfectly, be your album 10" tall or 12", 24 pages or 86.

The album is beautifully made and the layout and presentation of our photos really tells the story of our amazing day.
Danni and Ben Baumann