People say it's the best wedding album they have ever seen!
Alyce & Callum Andrew


We create exquisite wedding albums, normally only available to professional photographers.
Hand-made in New York by master craftsmen since 1942, yours will be a true heirloom made to last generations. Photobooks simply cannot compare.

Photo Layouts
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While most photobooks force your unique photos into rigid templates, we design every page layout from scratch to perfectly suit your photos' orientations, relative sizes, and even Color vs Black & White.
Photo Editing
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You will have an expert, personally dedicated to your album, perform B&W conversions, custom cropping, as well as Photoshop adjustments such as removing skin blemishes.
Personalized Service
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Your album designer will be available via email and Skype for genuine 1-on-1 conversations. This will make it fun & easy to get the album you want, and explore options you may not have even known existed.
Special Requests
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We often don't know what we want until we see it. You'll be presented with a bespoke draft of your album design to help you see what's possible. This will allow you to realise what it is you’d like to see in your final album, and what changes you might want. Skype and email will make it easy for you to provide feedback.
Accurate Colors
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Digital files are made of Red, Green and Blue. Most photobooks are printed with inkjet, and use a different range of colours (think of your home printer with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). This results in a printed photo in which skin colors and wedding dresses, for example, look 'off'. Evermore uses traditional, chemically processed photos and real photo paper, that allows the original Red, Green and Blue colors to be printed the way your photographer intended.
Image Quality
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Although you may be uploading high-resolution photos to a photobook site, those images are often compressed before they're even placed into the album layout, dramatically affecting their quality and clarity. At Evermore, we use your original high-resolution images, and only reduce them as much needed. This makes for sharper, clearer images. Additionally, all images are digitally sharpened before printing to add an extra level of clarity, and provide for more vivd images.
Durability of Pages
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Photobooks tend to have thin 'floppy' pages. These can easily be torn, folded or creased. Our pages are thick, archival, acid free card onto which your full-page photographic prints are adhered. The pages are not only sturdier but are also clear-coated, making them more resistant to fingerprints light spills, and eliminating the need for thin and fragile 'tracing' paper between pages - which can often get damaged and torn. There is no need to handle our albums with kid gloves; our albums are made to be shared, touched, and enjoyed!
Durability - Hinge
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Many photobooks see images span across the hinge of the album. Depending on the photobooks, that can mean the image either cracks over time (like folding a piece of plastic repeatedly), or the image is obscured as it curves into the centre hinge. Our albums have a flat hinge, which ensures longevity and is surprisingly discreet when viewed.
Durability - Slipcase
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Other albums have spines that can see the pages fall out after several years. Our spines are not only made to the highest quality stitched linen, but there is a secret inside our beautiful protective slipcases that help ensure your album will last the test of time. A felt pad inside each slipcase takes the weight of the pages away from the album's spine, meaning your pages will stay secure for generations to come.
Album Cover Options
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Our album options are too numerous to mention here. We will make the process simple and fun. Some options from which you can choose include:
• Photos inserted into the leather cover.
• Embossing of text & graphics on the cover.
• Embossing of text & graphics on the spine (a breathtaking way to stand out on the bookcase!).
• Rice paper on the inside cover.
• All albums feature genuine leather.
Online Presentation
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Understanding the tyranny of distance will keep you from sharing your album with some friends and family, a copy of your album will be hosted online as a slideshow set to music, for you to share with anyone around the world.
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Our albums are individually hand-crafted in New York, by artisan bookmakers who only deal with professional wedding photographers…while many cheaper photobooks are produced in more automated facilities located in China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc.

Now enjoy a tour of both the inside and the outside of the albums available...